The migration of MyHOME_Up to the newly updated Home + suite of apps continues, with the objective to improve the user experience of your MyHOME system.

The newly updated Home + suite of apps provides greater management, flexibility and performance and is built to support the future development and evolution of BTicino home automation.

By downloading the Home + Control app, you can replace the MyHOME _Up app with a few simple steps. If you have a connected alarm system, you will also need to download Home + Security to complete the migration process.

Please be aware that from 1st of February 2023 the MyHome_Up app will no longer be active and will stop working remotely. Because of this, we suggest you start to migrate your system as soon as possible.
But don’t worry, your system will continue to work locally after this date (eg. Via switches, touchscreen, thermostat etc.)

In the FAQ section available on this page, you will find the answers to common questions and the type of features currently supported. Furthermore, a dedicated tutorial will help you with the configuration of the new apps.


Download Home + Control

Select bticino – Select MyHomeServer1 – Follow the steps


Before to start the procedure, go in front of your cabinet, identify your MyHomeServer1 and the white label on it, where you find the USER CODE: write it down, you will need it during the migration flow.

Do you need help? have a look at the tutorial


Which version of MHS1 firmware will allow me to migrate?

It is important to verify that the firmware installed on your MHS1 is version 2.71.31. The tutorial video below will show you how to check it.

How do I update the firmware of the MHS1 to the right version for migration?

We recommend you contact technical support for assistance.

EN Which version of the Home + Control app allows me to migrate?

We advise you, before starting the migration, to verify that you have the latest version of the app (you can check on the store).

What does it mean select an icon for each room?

Based on the new Home + Control dashboard, the app asks you to select an icon for all the rooms of your house (the icon will replace the picture you selected for the My Home Up dashboard)

Can I change the icon and/or the name of one room?

Yes. Once migrated to Home + Control, you open the hamburger menu, select “Manage my home”, select the room you want to modify, select the three dots, select “Edit” and change the name and icon of the room.

How can I modify my thermoregulation program?

Once migrated to Home + Control, you open the hamburger menu, select “Schedules” and then “Temperature”: here you will find your home thermoregulation program and it will be possible to modify it.

How can I create programs for fan coil and towel rail?

Once migrated to Home + Control, you open the hamburger menu, select “Schedules” and then “Action”: here you will find your home actions program, in which will be possible to add the on/off (and fan speed) of these thermo objects, based on time&date.

How can I manage my installation with a vocal assistant?

Once migrated to Home + Control, you open the hamburger menu, select “My Account” and then “Partner apps”: selecting your vocal assistant, you will be redirected to the right app where you will have to re-associate the right skill “Legrand-Netatmo-Bticino”

What can I do if I don’t find the label with the user code on my MyHomeServer1?

Please call the technical assistance, they can provide it to you

Once migrated, can I continue to use also My Home Up app?

Once you successfully migrated, the app to manage your house is Home + Control. My Home Up app will not be recognized anymore from your installation, so you can delete it.

What if I decide not to migrate?

For a few months My Home Up will still be functional, until remote control is no longer available and to use the remote functions you will need to use Home + Control.

How can I invite other "guest" users to manage my application?

Once migrated, open the menu, select "Guests" and then "invite a user"

How do I continue using my system remotely, after updating my phone to iOS 16?

If the MyHOME_Up app has stopped working after updating to iOS16, you will need to migrate to the Home + Control ecosystem for your system to work remotely (although the system will continue to work locally). Contact technical support to ensure your MHS1 has the correct firmware version to migrate.